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For now just a few operational questions:

  • Dinner together the first day?
  • What time is start/end?


I am currently working on the program Jan-Bart. Ant

Dinner 8/1

formal Taiwanese cuisine in this restaurant: (Hai Pa Wang) Credit cards are accepted. (nothing paid yet)

It is very near to CTOYAC, about 10 minutes by taxi. It is also convenient to take mrt, just a little to walk.

One table serves 10 people and costs NTD5000 (about USD160. USD16 for each person). Including tax, 8-10 dishes, 6 bottles of Taiwan Beer. 3 tables were ordered.

People invited

  • Board Members,
  • Foundation Staff,
  • Advisory Board Members,
  • Organizing team
  • Others ?

Meeting time not given yet

Dinner 31st and 2nd

Nothing planned. And nothing formal will be planned. The idea on the 31 is that most people will just get in, might be tired and prefer sleep. We can informally define a meeting time for those willing to get with others.

On the 2nd, it might be that some participants will be needed for the last details of Wikimania. So, best to plan nothing specific. Again, it can be informal

Shilin Night Market is 5 minutes by walk, with a lot of food (Taiwanese cuisine)

Note that there is a Stewards meeting directly after the Board meeting on August 2nd, at 7pm. This will involve Angela, Oscar, Anthere, Jimbo, and Cary.

Dinner 5th

VIP dinner. We are all invited.


Lunch (1st and 2nd) planned at the local restaurant: reserved 25 people. No time reserved yet

Snacks are planned, twice a day, 25 people. There is a coffee shop in the facility. Team can bring coffee and snacks to us.


Wikimania team will arrange a room in the main facility CTOYAC (maybe 312, 313, or 322, 323, 324). 312-313, have 32 seats; 322-324 have 40 seats. Not yet given time.